Equipping Classes (Sun PM)

Our Sunday night discipleship offerings usually rotate on a seasonal schedule, with 10-12 week courses in the spring, summer and fall, and a mini-course in January. These groups offer training in a variety of areas, but most classes fall into these general categories:
  • In-depth studies on particular books of the Bible
  • Theology and related issues, like ethics or apologetics
  • Parenting
  • Marriage
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Leadership training
Discipleship classes run from 6:00-7:30 pm. Activities for babies, preschoolers, elementary-aged kids and middle and high-schoolers are also available during any regular Sunday night classes.

At the Creek, we use a four-level system to organize our discipleship classes. Anyone is welcome at any class at any time, but these levels might help you understand which class you may fit in best.

Level 1: Basic Christian doctrines, spiritual disciplines, Old and New Testament Introductions, and one on one guidance for new believers.
Level 2:  Further study of Christian doctrines, basic witness training, discovering spiritual gifts, and serving in the local body of Christ.
Level 3:  In-depth study of books of the Bible, apologetics, ethics, and special studies on finances, parenting, marriage, and much more.
Level 4:  Biblical Intervention training, mentor training, and developing mentoring relationships.

Financial Peace University (Level 1)
We all need a plan for our money. Financial Peace University (FPU) is that plan. Through video teaching, class discussion, and group activities, you will learn biblical financial stewardship, how to invest for the future, and be empowered to give like never before! Find out more and register at richlandcreek.com/fpu

New Members Class - Pastor Jason Hall (Level 1)
God desires the church to be a family of believers who grow, share, serve, and worship together. Becoming a member is like becoming part of a family. This new members class is required for church membership and is designed to give everyone a solid foundation of our beliefs and values while encouraging new members to commit to protecting, supporting, and serving the church. What joy there is when we experience God’s movement though His church! 

Finishing Well: Applying Biblical Perspectives to the End of Life - Pastor Brian Merritt
(Level 2)
This course will examine the biblical teachings on life and death and how, as believers, we should respond to the end of our life of others. Application of these principles will be discussed as they apply to grief, end of life decisions, and estate and funeral planning.
Apologetics - Jason Brown (Level 2)
Is our faith simply wishful thinking, or are there good reasons to believe that God exists, and that he is who he says he is? Join us for a quick 3-week study on Apologetics-reasons to believe. In this class we’ll explore both scientific and philosophical evidence that points to God as Creator and Sustainer of all.

The Book of Jonah - Dr. David Jones (Level 3)
Man Overboard! While the book of Jonah makes many people think of a great fish, this historical account is really a story about God and how one man, though his initial disobedience, discovered afresh the true character of God. This timeless, practical book searches our hearts and challenges our minds, for like Jonah, from time-to-time we all run from God and need our relationship with Him renewed. 
Colossians: Identity in Christ - Pastor John Wright (Level 2)
Many Christians have not fully understood their identity in Christ. As a result we live more like the world and it paralyzes our faith, growth, and service to Christ. Join us for this exciting look at the Book of Colossians and discover your true identity as a child of God. The impact of the truths found in this short book will profoundly change your Christian walk and ability to lead others to grow in Christ. 
Deacon Training - Pastor Jim Gillespie (Level 3)
The contribution of deacons is vital to effective ministry. As the church grew in Acts, seven men were commissioned to help the apostles in care giving (Acts 6). Their ministry developed and expanded, resulting in the stoning of Stephen (Acts 7). Paul advised Timothy of qualifications to look for in men to set apart for partnership in leading and serving. (I Timothy 3). This unique class will explore the ministry of deacons at Richland Creek Community Church. The training is especially for men who are presently serving as deacons, but it open to any man 18 or older interested in deacon ministry. The class will explain the role and ministry team functions of deacons.