Global Reach

Missions is a commitment, individually and corporately, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).


What is missions at Richland Creek?

We desire to equip believers to reach the lost. We are mindful to not have a “missions program”; instead, we desire to be a “mission-hearted church.” By this we mean that we do not desire individuals to merely think about missions occasionally, but we desire each member to live a missions-oriented life. Mission is not what we do; it is who we are as followers of Jesus Christ.
How does missions work at Richland Creek? Enabling all members to participate in missions via giving, going, sending and praying as they live a life that demonstrates a commitment to taking the gospel to all peoples (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8, Psalm 67). 

Please click here for various resource tools for RCCC short-term mission trips, people group and country research and information of how to be more involved in global mission activity. 


2016 Mission Trips:


Daytona, FL Bike Week {March}

Team Leader: Joe Tomberlin / Pastor Jim Gillespie
Cost: $400*
Available Slots: 30
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Bikers from all over the world converge on Daytona, Florida during Bike Week. The website,, claims that “An estimated 600,000 bikers usually descend on Daytona Beach annually to attend Bike Week.” This trip is by no means a vacation, rather it is a mission trip. The mission is to use motorcycles as a tool to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with any and every one along the way as well as those attending the event. There will be people from Raleigh to Daytona, in restaurants, gas stations, rest stops, on the side of the road, at bike shops and vendor booths that need to hear the Gospel of Jesus. The Riders say, as Isaiah said, “Here am I send me.” Contact Joe at for more information.

Myrtle Beach, SC Bike Week {May}

Team Leader: Joe Tomberlin
Cost: $300*
Available Slots: 30
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After six years of waiting and praying, God has opened a door and given us a strategic partner in the Myrtle Beach area during Bike Week Myrtle Beach. This is the largest Bike event in NC.  The mission is to use motorcycles as a tool to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with any and every one along the way as well as those attending the event. There will be people from all over the east coast descending on Myrtle Beach and we ride to have a presence for the Gospel there. Contact Joe at for more information.

Middle East {May}

Beach & Urban Evangelism    
Team Leader: Call Church Office
Cost: $2,800*
Available Slots: 12
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Are you drawn to or even excited about being a blessing to the ethnic people through which our Lord Jesus Christ came to earth? This trip not only allows you to meet and conversationally interact with people of the Middle East ranging among various social classes and faiths, but you will also see and experience historical places of the Bible. This enriching trip is led by a knowledgeable and passionate brother in Christ that will help bring more depth and understanding to various Biblical passages as well as to your knowledge of the Lord. This trip is physically difficult and demanding so there is a minor application process to be approved for this trip. For more information about our Middle East trip, contact Pastor Mike Fry at

East Asia {June / 10 day trip}

Evangelism through multi-media and / or community projects.
Team Leader: Pastor John Wright
Cost: $2,400*
Available Slots: 5
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The purpose of this year’s trip is to partner with a strategic family through prayer walks, multi-media and / or community projects, building relations with locals, and etc. The details will shape up during the first half of the year as field personnel discern open doors and possible ways we can assist. In a very real sense, this is front line evangelism and church planting, meaning that these efforts are the initial efforts in this region where the majority of the population has never heard the name of Jesus! Please contact Pastor John at if you are interested in our East Asia trip.

Haiti {June}

Youth Camp, Evangelism, & Leadership Training
Team Leader: Ryan Guzouskis
Cost: $1,800*
Available Slots: 35
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There is a great need in Haiti and the people are very receptive to the Gospel. We will work in the capital city of Port Au Prince and spend a week serving alongside Solidarite Baptist Church, helping them reach their community with the Gospel. Main ministry areas will include a youth camp, tent city evangelism, food distribution, orphan and widow care, and church leadership training. For more information contact Ryan at 

New York {July}

Urban Evangelism / Church Support  
Team Leaders: Pastor David Sims & Pastor Mike Fry
Cost: $800-$1300+ (varies depending on participation as a single, couple, or family) 
Available Slots: 40 --- family friendly trip!
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Richland Creek will lock arms and effort with a local pastor and his family to serve and share the Good News of Jesus Christ to various peoples of New York. The scope of this trip normally includes activities such as door-to-door invitations to "Free Pizza Thursday" meeting various urban people  - young and old. Training in urban evangelism will occur early in the week while ministry activities follow in the mornings and afternoons. Before returning to NC, you will have opportunities of viewing or visiting many historical and famous sites of the selected city and area. This will be a powerful, fruitful, and life transforming mission trip helping the local church reach the lost in a vast urban setting. Contact Pastor Mike for more information,

Ukraine {July}

Young Pro's and Children's ESL & Sports Camps 
Team Leader: Troy Meachum
Cost: $2000*
Available Slots: 22 total
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We are excited to announce that “Team Ukraine 2015” involves two separate opportunities to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of Ukraine.

·  Team “A” will consist of a group of 10 people that will work with a local church in Dubno, Ukraine to serve and minster at a children's camp using ESL and sports. Team leader will be Michael Lieber

·   Team “B” will consist of 10-13 people that will work with Open Hearts church leading a Young Professionals Summer Camp in Kiev, Ukraine. This camp will focus on using ESL (English as a second language) along with sports activities to minister to young professionals who do not know Christ. Team leader will be Bill Cramer


For more information or if you are interested in serving with one of these teams, click here to email Troy Meachum.

Live.Love.Serve {July 16 - 24}

Local Outreach & Evangelism
Team Leader: Chad Lister

Cost: $0

Available Slots: Unlimited --- family friendly outreach!

Live. Love. Serve. is the Creek's ongoing project to be salt and light in Wake Forest and surrounding communities by demonstrating the love of Christ through sacrificial service. Expressed primarily through projects organized by Creek small groups, Live. Love. Serve. is a public expression of our church's care for the people in our immediate neighborhoods and beyond. Ministry activities include a clothes drive, food drive, FREE PIZZA THURSDAY and a free medical / dental clinic.  Contact Chad Lister at for more information.

Ethiopia {July}

Ministry to Orphans, Pregnant Women, Nannies and Infants and the Extreme Poor 
Team Leader: Cindy Douglass
Cost: $3,100 + immunizations*
Available Slots: Trip full
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There are four aspects of this outreach that include 1) ministry to and advocation for adoption of children in transition homes (connection through America World Adoption Agency (AWAA)), 2) ministry to orphaned infants and toddlers cared for by nannies, 3) ministry to women with troubled pregnancies in a local hospital, and 4) a feeding ministry to a colony of 166 children within a village called “Hope for Korah” where people live from a city dump. Please contact Cindy at for more information.

Guatemala {November}

Urban Evangelism & VBS
Team Leader: Pastor Mike Fry
Cost: $1,700*
Available Slots: full

If you enjoy meeting new people, sharing the Gospel, and counseling new believers in the basics of Christian life, then this trip is for you. The team will help assist church planting efforts of Vida Nueva Iglesia Bautista Guatemala (Guatemala New Life Baptist Church) as they reach out to the people of Guatemala by starting Gospel conversations with people in plazas, parks, schools, and door-to-door visitations. Trip members will share the Gospel using Bible verses, answer basic objections for not trusting Christ as Savior, lead a person to Christ in prayer, and counsel new believers in basic Christian growth. Fluency in Spanish is not required. Interpreters are provided. Contact Pastor Mike Fry at for more information.

*Costs and dates are subject to change due to airline charges and ministry updates.