Who We Are


Got questions? So do we. Let’s find answers together.

We are a gathering of young professionals (young adults aged roughly 22/post-college to early 30s) who:

  • seek to love, listen to, and lead young adults as you navigate these strategic years of life
  • long to make much of Jesus and to spread His fame locally and globally
  • desire to create a place where you can find community, encouragement, and be challenged to grow spiritually, relationally, and intellectually together
  • believe the greatest need of young adults is an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Central to our ministry are our weekly gatherings at 9:00 & 11:30 AM on Sunday mornings along with our weekly home groups.

If you want to be part of a group which has everything figured out and has all the answers, we are not the place for you. We are a searching, growing group who desire to know Christ more and more every day. We welcome believers and doubters, the skeptic and the convinced, the hurting and the happy. Real, life-effecting, weekly Bible teaching lies at the heart of our ministry.

Sunday Small Groups now have TWO meeting times: 9 & 11:30 AM, both in the Backstage Room.

Click here to check out all the Weekly Home Groups.


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http://www.richlandcreek.com/uploads/Doc_200x200.jpg Alvin "DOC" Reid serves as pastor of young pros at the Creek. Doc and Michelle have been married 35 years and have raised two young pros of their own, each of whom is now married. Doc is a popular speaker and author, and has a passion for discipling young adults. He is also a professor at Southeastern Baptist Seminary, a lover of animals and all of creation, and loves to ride his bicycle on the Neuse River Greenway. Oh, and he really loves live snakes, but he doesn’t bring them to young pros!