Revive! Respite

Our next Respite is scheduled for Sat. April 18th. There was an error in the church bulletin on 3/1/2020, and there is no event planned for 3/6/2020. We apologize for any confusion.

Please contact Eleanor Waterman at for questions.

What is a Revive! Respite?

Revive! is a respite at Richland Creek designed to allow parents who have children with special needs and their siblings to simply take a break. Parents do not need to be members or regular attenders of Richland Creek. This is a FREE event open to the entire community. We simply want parents to get the needed rest and relaxation they deserve, while knowing their children are being cared for. Revive! is open to children with special needs and their siblings. At Revive! we have trained volunteers who have a strong desire to work with children with special needs. Each child is paired with a buddy. On most occasions this is one on one, but there are times with siblings or children who are higher functioning, that two children might be paired with a buddy. There are also nurses present in order to meet any unique medical needs or distribute scheduled medications.

Sensory Rooms

Revive! has several themed rooms for the children to enjoy. They can stay as long or little in the rooms and come back as often as they want. We have a Sensory Room with sensory tubs (rice, salt, oatmeal and beans that the children can scoop, pour, bury and fill)! Other sensory activities are utilized at times such as water and shaving cream. The Music Room has music playing, electronic keyboards and instruments for the children to play and sing along with. The Blocks and Cars Room has many different types of building equipment and a variety of cars to enjoy. Our Pretend Play Room is designed to spark the imagination. It includes a kitchen with play food and plates, a picnic area, dolls and stuffed animals, dress up clothes and puppets. The Arts and Crafts Room has a variety of activities for the children to enjoy based on their level. Activities will vary from month to month but will include things such as finger painting, stamp fun, sponge painting, coloring themed coloring pages, and more deluxe crafts. The Game Room has multiple games for all age ranges and a variety of puzzles for kids to enjoy. The Movie Room shows g-rated cartoons and movies. When weather permits, the Playground is open for children to enjoy.

Snacks & Food

Depending on the time of the respite, either snacks or pizza will be provided. You will be given notice on the type of snack so you can determine if your child is able to participate or if you need to pack a snack. Typical snacks are goldfish, pretzels, graham crackers and animal crackers with water to drink. It is very important to us that staff are aware of their child’s needs regarding meals and allergies. Each child is given a specific colored dot on their name tag that lets their buddy know whether they can have snack or not. A green dot means “go” - they can have the snack, a yellow dot means “caution” - they can eat, but they need to use the snack that was packed from home, a red dot means “stop” – no snack/food.


Contact Eleanor Waterman at if you have further questions.