Sunday Morning Tracks

Two Sunday Morning Tracks for Elementary Kids:

Following one of these tracks is a great way to help ensure your kids are getting the most from Creek Kids Elementary Ministry, as well as helping to make room for guests in Life Groups & Legacy Lodge as we continue to grow. 

*All kids should begin in Legacy Lodge Children’s Church, followed by their grade level Small Groups.

Track 1
9:00am- Legacy Lodge Children’s Church                               

10:15am- Life Groups


Track 2    

10:15am- Legacy Lodge Children’s Church  
11:30am- Life Groups

Please note that these tracks are based on families attending 2 morning services. Kids are also always welcome and encouraged to attend adult worship services with their parents.

Ideally, all Creek members would attend a Life Group, a worship service, and serve in an area of ministry. This can be achieved by attending all 3 morning services, or 2 services and then serving on either Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday night. Please catch up with a Pastor or area ministry leader for more details.

Click HERE for room locations and lesson schedules.