The Intersect Life Ministry of Richland Creek Community Church!

The Intersect Life Ministry is a unique Life Stage Ministry focused on reaching singles and couples in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. We desire to build a Gospel Centered Community that shares life together as we Grow in our faith and Reach our neighbors and the nations with the Gospel!

Here at Intersect, we believe that Every Life tells a Story and that both are meant to be shared. For us, that means we meet at the Creek on Sunday Mornings at 9am in the Backstage Room for Life Group, and throughout the week for our Home Groups (dinner and a Bible study).

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"We believe that singleness, divorce, or any other label the world applies to us does not define us. Rather, we choose to be defined by the Gospel and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope you will join us soon at Intersect: Where Lives Intersect in Gospel Community with God’s unfolding Story of Redemption!"

Nathan Brown - Intersect Ministry Director

Intersect Life Ministry