Dale Finch | Testimony

http://www.richlandcreek.com/uploads/DaleF.jpgI grew up going to church every Sunday with my parents, and my grandmother. It was part of our weekly routine. I learned some Bible verses, Bible stories, and some parables. At the very best, I got a head knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ. When I got my driver’s license, I got a job at a drugstore. I would often trade shifts to work on Sunday, so I wouldn't have to go to church. I was mostly a good kid - good at not getting caught, and staying under the radar. I just wanted to have fun like everyone else, and in the back of my mind I knew for me to obey Jesus, I would have to give up fun. So I ran from Christ for many years.

I grew up, moved out, married Dana, and got a full-time job. When the kids came along, I used my upbringing as a template for raising my kids. My wife and I took the kids to church. Truthfully, I put that responsibility on Dana. I went with them sometimes, on special occasions, but it did not mean anything to me. The only thing I got out of church was that I did not deserve salvation.

During the summer of 1996, the car dealership where I worked sent me to a positive affirmation seminar. The owner's daughter had gone to a seminar and encouraged all dealership personnel to go, as well. I thought it would be a great way to get paid without having to do much for a week. I drove to Cary for a week with a buddy from work named Gary. He is a Christian, strong in his faith. Gary had witnessed to me before this as well, but I wasn't buying. The class taught if you associated a pleasant emotion with a task, you could accomplish or change anything. The only thing that ever occurred to me during the lectures, and it was not part of the course, was the only thing that could change a life was Jesus. Gary was amazed that I got that out of the class.

Later that summer, I attended a revival with the family. Billy Tharington, one of the finest men I will ever know, preached a sermon about the woman at the well and how the Savior sought her out for salvation. She didn't deserve salvation, but Jesus searched for her, and how all of us deserve eternal separation from Him, but how God loves us so much that he sent His Son to die on the cross for us, so that we may have eternal life with Him. I found myself drawn by the Spirit to the front of the church, where I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. I was baptized later that fall.

I live every day now knowing that I do not deserve salvation, but that it is a gift by the Grace of God, through His Son Jesus Christ.