Our Focus

As Young Professionals at the Creek we give a lot of our attention to one word—RELATIONSHIPS.

We all crave relationships that matter; we’ve also all experienced some level of broken relationships. Creek Young Pros believe we were created by God to have vital relationships in three main areas:


We serve an amazing, loving, powerful God. He created everything, including our beautiful, amazing world. He made us in His own image. We are like nothing else in creation, for we were created to worship Him. Sadly, because of sin, the world has been broken, including our worship and our relationships. We say and do things we shouldn’t and we seek to write our own stories apart from God.

Because of His great love, God came to us to rescue us from sin and brokenness through Jesus Christ, Who is God who became man, lived a sinless life, died a brutal death for our sin, and rose again from the dead. This is the message of the Bible—not a message primarily aimed at changing our morality or our religious practices, but to show us reality: how to know God and worship Him as we were created.

When we trust Christ alone to change us, we experience what the Bible calls salvation, and we have the hope of restoration and joy in heaven forever, and life to the full as we walk with God here. You are welcome to join us and to be a part of us whatever your spiritual journey and no matter what questions you have. We have found the key to our individual life stories is connecting to the greater Story of our redeeming God.

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We are a community of believers as a part of Richland Creek Community Church. We believe the formula for growth as Christ-followers is this:

Home Groups + Class (Our Weekly Class at 11:30, Backstage Room) + Congregation (Our Worship with the Larger Church Family) = CELEBRATION.

We value Titus 2, which calls older men and women to teach younger men and women. We have several small groups meeting weekly led by married couples who have lived a bit longer and experience life a little further, to pour into young pros weekly. We value mentoring, growing, and learning in community. The heart of our ministry is what happens in the small groups in homes weekly. We also connect to our Creek family. We do not operate as a parachurch ministry but as a vital part of the life of the Creek, through serving in teaching, service, through mission trips, and other ways.


We seek (to borrow a phrase from Hard Rock) to love all and serve all. We want others to know the God we serve and the life He gives. We actively seek to communicate the good news of Christ with Young Pros and others in our community. We also minister globally, having been to Cape Town, South Africa, several trips to Kiev, Ukraine, and multiple other places. We believe the Mission of God has been given to His followers to live and tell the good news of Jesus to all, regardless of our vocation or our location. We invite you to join the movement that is the Young Pros ministry!