Curriculum & Delivery


Our two year residency internship program is offered in partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s EQUIP Network, whereby students can earn up to 18 hours in college or seminary credit through the Ministry Leadership Institute. Interns do not have to be Southeastern students, or take courses for academic credit, to participate in the internship.

Our primary Ministry Internship is a two-year program combining academic study, local church experience, and high-level individual mentoring. Every semester will include those three key elements.

Courses to be offered include the following:

Personal Discipleship and Disciple-Making – Interns will be involved in personal discipleship at the Creek as well as introduced to discipleship programs and methods in the local church.

Pastoral Ministry and Leadership – Interns will gain an understanding of the different areas of pastoral ministry and spend significant time with Creek pastors on the practical nature of shepherding.

Administration and Education in the Local Church – Interns will be introduced to best practices of ministry alignment, and participate in local church administrative decisions.

Biblical Exposition: Hermeneutics and Preparation – Interns will learn from pastors and master in-depth hermeneutical principles and sermon/lesson preparation.

Biblical Exposition: Communication and Delivery – Interns will learn from pastors and master key sermon and lesson delivery techniques.

Mentored Internship: Interns will have the opportunity, if they desire, to custom design a course with a staff or pastoral mentor as they proceed through the internship and prepare to be sent out for leadership in a local church.

Note: Students may enter the program at the beginning of any semester. Contact us if you have questions about scope or sequence.


Delivery methods will vary from course to course and even within a course, and could include classroom lecture and online content. Each semester will also include significant time spent in face-to-face discussions with Creek leaders, either in group or one-on-one settings.